Grow (Or Start) that Passive Income Stream


Go from not knowing whom to trust, where to invest, and what are the exact numbers we track and see what's working - and what's not - through our step-by-step Apartment Syndication System to refine your strategy going forward.

Currently, our offerings at The Kitti Sisters are all 506(b) offerings — as our deals are quickly filled by people who know, like, and trust us. What that means is that we accept both Accredited and Sophisticated Investors with established relationships only, so getting into our Kitti Freedom Club will enable us to become financial besties!

If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.

-Warren Buffet-

The Kitti Freedom Club is a right fit if you are:

You're a High-Level Entrepreneur

Who is ready to secure your own financial future while paying less in taxes via apartment investing without putting in additional effort.

You Understand that Building a Portfolio Takes Time & Effort

This is NOT a “get rich quick scheme.  While we believe it is the best path to scale a portfolio, it also requires effort and time.

You Already Own (or Have Owned) Real Estate

This is not for people who have no idea how real estate works or have never invested in real estate.

You Want to Scale Your Portfolio

We want to help people who have big goals.  And that means you’re wanting to get outstanding results like us and our clients. 

You Have At Least $50,000 to Invest

These apartment deals require a minimum of $50,000 to get going.  So if you don’t have that amount to invest TODAY, then this isn’t for you.

You Are Actively Looking for Your Next Real Estate Investment

Meaning - you’re ready to move forward TODAY if you find this is the right investment strategy for you. 

But above all else...

The Kitti Freedom Club will give you the confidence to finally generate consistent, scalable passive income and make the lucrative leap from trading your time for money to living your lifestyle dreams and TRUE freedom

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